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5 Benefits of Scalp and Face Massage…And How 30-Minutes Will TRANSFORM You

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When I went traveling around India back in my early twenties, I befriended a woman who brought me to her home. The rich aromas of turmeric and ginger filled my nose, and my mouth salivated as I waited for their delicious homemade curry. As the curry was simmering, I noticed something that was not customary in the American culture. The entire line of women – from grandmother to grandchild – got in a line and began to massage each other’s heads. I was perplexed. Even as a Massage Therapist, this was something I had never seen. They teach us head and scalp massage in school, but I had never before witnessed a multigenerational family performing face and scalp massage on each other. I was so curious and asked them about this after they were finished. My friend replied that it’s tradition for the women of the family to do this and that it’s not only a bonding and relaxing experience, but it’s also preventative medicine in their culture.

I was lucky enough to learn some techniques from her. As soon as I returned back to the States, I found a practitioner who taught Indian head massage. I wanted to further my knowledge so that I would be able to pass this ancient technique and its benefits onto the American people.

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits of the face and scalp massage below!

Reduces Eye Strain

We use our faces all day long, yet many of us never touch our faces aside from our daily facial cleansing ritual. Our face has forty-two muscles, and when they get overworked it can cause problems. Overly tight muscles can not only cause headaches but eye strain, too, which can ultimately lead to headaches. Massaging of the entire scalp and face will help to relieve eye strain. Since all muscles are attached through attachment sites, paying particular attention to the muscles surrounding the eyes and forehead will give immediate comfort to overworked eyes. If you work at a computer, this is a wonderful ritual to begin incorporating into your daily self-care routine. With even just five minutes daily you’ll notice improvements.

Reduces Mental Fatigue

Scalp and face massage improves memory, focus, and concentration, as well as decreases mental fatigue. Our brains are constantly thinking and processing information. Because we’re always “on,” our face muscles are usually tense. Massaging of the muscles of the face and scalp allows us to turn inwards and focus on our mental health, which is as equally as important as our physical health.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Scalp massage, and specifically Indian Head Massage, stimulates the hair follicles on the scalp which can help with hair growth. Consistent scalp massage helps the hair root into the scalp deeper, allowing it to be stronger. The oils used during a scalp massage also help to repair damaged hair and hydrate dry and brittle hair. The techniques used during an Indian Head Massage, although seemingly aggressive to the hair follicles in nature, actually produce positive results. It’s common to see practitioners of Indian Head Massage grab chunks of hair through the knuckles of their fingers and pull. This gentle traction stimulates the nerves of the scalp and sends messages to tell the hair to root in deeper. Over time, this stimulates hair growth and creates deeper roots in the scalp.

Decreases Blood Pressure

Any type of massage will help to decrease blood pressure by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Scalp and face massage is no different! Receiving even just a 20-minute scalp massage will help to reduce blood pressure, allowing you to breathe a little more deeply. There are specific points on the face and scalp according to the ancient and scientific art of Ayurveda that can be used to address high blood pressure and can regulate our nervous system response.

Helps Headaches

Scalp and face massage can be an alternative treatment option for chronic headache sufferers. In our day and age of technology and staring at computer screens and phones, we’re constantly using our eyes and face to see tiny things and focus intensely. Although for every one hour of computer or phone usage we’re supposed to spend thirty seconds looking at something at least thirty feet away, most of us forget to do that. Scalp and face massage help decrease the severity of a headache if you’re currently experiencing one, and also the frequency of headaches. With consistent face and scalp massage, you’ll slowly begin to experience fewer and fewer headaches if muscle tension and mental strain were the cause of your headaches.

As you can see, receiving scalp and face massage is beneficial for so many important reasons and should be included in your regular self-care regimen. This type of massage will suit just about anyone, can be performed clothed, and produces significant effects in a very short amount of time. We hope you’ll enjoy one during your next session! Call or schedule online today.


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