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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Beaverton 

Our Swedish massage will work through tight muscles and ease stress, leaving you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. 

Swedish massage beaverton oregon relaxing massage

Swedish Massage Beaverton Oregon

Join us for a relaxing Swedish massage. Allow your body to melt onto the heated table, and your skin to soak up our 100% organic oil. From soothing spa music, ambient lighting, and silky sheets, you'll be pampered head to toe. Swedish massage is beneficial for those looking to ease muscle strain and soreness, general fatigue, and decrease stress. Swedish massage promotes overall wellbeing and feelings of relaxation, while increase endorphins and can part of a therapeutic massage treatment.

We use 100% organic essential oils and can add warm stones to your massage for an ultra-relaxing experience. Each session will begin with learning more about you and what your needs are. From there, we'll offer customized essential oil and treatment options made specifically for you, which may include foot massage as well as face massage, per your liking. 

After your session is over, we'll bring you purified water and leave you with some at-home self-care tips to help you live a better, more balanced life. 

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