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Yoga Studio in Beaverton Oregon

Earth Breath Yoga is a boutique yoga studio in Beaverton Oregon that offers a variety of services including massage therapy, yoga classes, and Ayurveda. We also offer prenatal yoga and prenatal massage therapy. Come and join us for an invigorating vinyasa yoga flow or melt into your body during a slow flow yin yoga class. Join us to grow your spiritual practice along the way!


We were founded on the core values of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to personal and spiritual growth. We believe that life is the best teacher of all and strive to always see life through the lens of the student. We are all beginners, and all have something to give and to learn.


Earth Breath Yoga was founded by Rachael Summers in 2021 and she specializes in prenatal yoga and massage therapy. As a growing business in Beaverton Oregon, we’re constantly seeking new opportunities to give back to the local community. We participate in advocacy for domestic violence and believe in giving back in our local community. We also try to be as sustainable as possible, recycling and going green wherever possible.


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Yoga studio in Beaverton Oregon

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Yoga Studio in Beaverton Oregon

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