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Prenatal Yoga Beaverton

Prenatal yoga, sometimes referred to as pregnancy yoga, is a form of yoga designed specifically for expecting mothers. It allows you to connect to your body and baby, and will help you adjust to your growing belly, and ultimately physically and mentally prepare you for birth.

Prenatal yoga class Beaverton Oregon

Prenatal Yoga Beaverton Oregon

Prenatal yoga is an ancient way of supporting mothers on their journey through pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of transformation in a woman's life, and prenatal yoga will guide you through it through spiritually rich themes and functional flows to assist your growing and rapidly changing body.

Prenatal yoga will encourage stretching and strengthening as well as mental centering and clarity. We'll guide you through the asanas and breathwork that will anchor you to your body and practice. Our pregnancy yoga classes are specifically formulated for the expecting mother and we encourage the use of props like bolsters and blocks.

At Earth Breath Yoga, our prenatal yoga teachers are mothers themselves. They know what it's like to carry a baby and will guide you through your prenatal yoga practice with ease and confidence. We'll offer modifications that will help seasoned as well as new yoga practitioners. Prenatal yoga is a wonderful pairing to prenatal massage, which will also help your body prepare for the birthing journey. 

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