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Yin Yoga for Beginners

                        is a slow-flow and contemplative practice. It allows you to work deep into the fascial and connective tissues, breaking through longheld patterns. Energetically and spiritually, it brings balance to the flow of energy throughout the body and eases the mind of stress.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga Beaverton Oregon

yin yoga Class 

Yin yoga is the opposite of its contrasting yang yoga flow, vinyasa. In yin yoga, you'll gently enter the asana, and allow your breath to take you deeper into the pose. We offer you props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to aid you in your practice.  Yin yoga is more about becoming in tune with the natural rhythms of your body and quieting the busy mind. 

Yin yoga will stretch deep into the connective tissues - fascia, ligaments, and tendons. You'll hold the pose for anywhere between three and five minutes, reaping the benefits of greater flexibility, decreased pain, improved joint mobility, increase in circulation, and a reduction in stress and anxiety. Because you're lengthening the fascia, this is a beneficial yoga practice for sciatica as well as piriformis syndrome

We invite you to take a reprieve with us. Feel consoled in the confines of our walls. You are safe. Sink deep into this knowing and allow your breath to carry you. 

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