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Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years and is the primary healthcare system of India. Other Eastern cultures have also based their ancient healing systems off the original healing system of India. Ayurveda uses plant medicine to treat and prevent illness. It is a preventative therapy intended to prevent diease from occuring. Ayurveda is customized to the person based on their dosha, so each person's healing remedy will be unique.

your dosha

Take our quiz to learn what your dosha is, and the habits you can start today to help you stay balanced and feeling your best.

Pressure Point Massage
Shoulder Massage

swedish massage

Swedish massage is a full body massage intending to relax the entire body, mind, and spirit. Longer, flowing strokes are used to induce a state of deep relaxation, and ease muscle strain. 

prenatal massage

Prenatal massage therapy helps the expecting mother to relax and prepare for birth. It eases tight muscles in her ever-growing and chaning body, and eases mental strain.

Doula at Home

therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage aims to address specific musculoskeletal conditions, as diagnosed by a doctor, through creating an on-going treatment plan. You will need a doctor's prescription for these massage services. 

auto injury massage

With auto injury massage, we'll work together to return your body - and mind - back to homeostasis. Car accidents are jarring to the entire body, and the effects can be felt for decades to come if proper care isn't sought immediately. You will need a doctor's prescription for massage therapy as well as an active claim number. 

Acupressure Neck Massage
Cupping Therapy


Cupping is an ancient technique used to decrease muscular and fascial tension, and detoxify the body. This can be added to any session to help you get the most out of your massage.

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