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This light and fast-absorbing Vitamin C cream will brighten dull and tired looking skin, giving you an unforgettable youthful glow. 


Our powerful antioxidant-rich Vitamin C Cream is packed with Vitamin C Esters that your skin craves to balance and brighten. This full body cream will revitalize dull, listless skin, and is perfect for anyone with dry, mature, or sensitive skin. This makes an excellent pairing with our Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum.



  • Organnic Coconut Oil
  • Vitamins C & E
  • Organic Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cranberry Extracts
  • Rosehip Oil



  • Gluten
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens


This product is Vegan-friendly. 

Vitamin C Cream