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Medical yoga is a form of yoga only taught at Earth Breath Yoga. It is a defined series of yoga classes with the intention of working through chronic pain and lengthening out the myofascial tissue system of the entire body. 

Ashtanga Yoga

Medical yoga was formulated by Rachael Summers as a way to help treat those suffering from chronic pain and recurring injuries. Medical yoga is a systematic approach to working through the full body's chain of myofascial tissue. It's broken down into four classes: Lower body and Feet, hips and core, back and neck, shoulders, arms, and face. Medical Yoga is unique to the area because it also incorporates light massage to help work through muscular and fascial tension. In the state of Oregon, you have to be a Licensed Massage Therapist to also include touch in your yoga classes. 

Each class is a yin or yinyasa style that addresses the muscles and fascial system of that area. We suggest that you take at least one class per week for the entire series to reap the full benefits. Based on the class and muscles being stretched, Rachael will give each participant massage to help address any chronic tension, stiffness, and limited range of motion. 

Each class in the series is taught for the entire week, and is as follows:

First week of month: Feet and Lower Body

Second week of month: Hips and Core

Third week of month: Back and Neck

Fourth week of month: Shoulders, Arms, and Face

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